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Adult Program


If a class is "FULL", please email the studio to be place on a waiting list.


• Adult Performance •

A performance class taken in addition to a jazz technique class. This class offer the students an opportunity to perform a variety of choreography. Students must be Intermediate level or above.

• Ballet/Pointe •

A highly disciplined training in which a fairly standard progression of exercises builds the strength and flexibility required for classical positions and steps. Posture, alignment, and center of balance are reinforced concepts taught throughout all ballet levels. Each ballet class will include barre work, center floor exercises and across the floor patterns.

• Ballet Foundations •

Intended for those with no previous dance experience or those who would like to move at a slightly slower and more in depth pace. This class will begin facing the barre, dancers are not required to take ballet foundations before taking Beginning I Ballet.

• Body Sculpting/Zumba •

An aerobic and fitness based class designed trim and tone the body and target problem areas. Through cardio kickboxing, dance steps and simple strength exercises, you will burn fat, increase stamina and get in better total body shape.

• Contemporary •

Contemporary dance incorporates elements of classical, modern and jazz dance styles while exploring how the body responds to and expresses emotions. Classes may consist of a full body warm up, stretching, across the floor patterns and a longer combination in center.

• Hip Hop •

Hip Hop dance utilizes the various rhythms of modern music combined with a wide variety of styles. Classes consist of warm-up. Please wear dance sneakers or a clean pair of tennis shoes. Shoes with a flat surface work best. Dance sneakers may be purchased at the studio.

• Jazz •

Classes consist of a warm up, stretching, isolations, across the floor patterns to introduce and master specific steps and various stylistic combinations which focus on learning more complex movement patterns and rhythms. As dancers progress they will work on more complex leaps, jumps and turns.

• Tap •

Tap dance is the use of both feet as a musical instrument. The object of this form of dance is to master the use of the body and feet in playing melodic patterns and drumming out rhythms.

• TRX •

Will focus on building muscular strength to help improve performance and prevent injury. A combination of TRX, resistance tube, and body weight exercises will be done each week. All equipment will be provided, participants should wear clean sneakers.

Please note: Our schedule changes each term based on faculty and studio availability. Not all classes listed above are taught each term. Please refer to the schedule for current class offerings.


We welcome you to wear an outfit to class that you are comfortable in and allows you a full range of motion. Some examples would be a leotard and tights or leggings/jazz pants and a fitted top. We do ask that dancers wear clothing that is more form fitted so that our instructors can see your alignment. For ballet class please wear bottoms that allow the instructor to tell if your knees are bent or straight.

For Hip Hop, Zumba, Body Sculpting and TRX participants should wear sneakers that are not worn outside. If they have been outside in the past please wash the bottoms and remove any stones/debris that may be trapped in the treads.

∗ We sell Ballet, Jazz, and Tap shoes in the studio office.


♦ Beginning I ♦

The student has had little or no dance training or it has been a long time since the student has studied dance. Beg. I level classes introduce the vocabulary of dance technique and build a basic foundation. Students usually take 2-3 terms at this level.

♦ Beginning II ♦

The student has achieved a working knowledge of dance technique fundamentals introduced in Beg. I level classes and has achieved strength and flexibility.

♦ Intermediate/Advanced ♦

The student is ready to work on all facets of dance technique, having achieved a considerable amount of strength and flexibility. Advanced students are working at a professional level.

Private lessons are available upon request. Please contact the studio office or an instructor to schedule.


Each 45 minute class $133.00
Each 60 minute class $154.00
Each 75 minute class $175.00
2 classes: 10% discount off total
3 classes: 20% discount off total
4 or more classes: 30% discount off total

∗ There is a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00 for new students.
∗ Private lessons are available upon request.
∗ Special payment schedules may be arranged for students registered for more than one class.


45 minute class $12.00
60 minute class $13.50
75 minute class $15.00

∗ Drop-ins are welcome at any point in the session!!
∗ There is a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00 for new students.
∗ For safety, our classes have a size limit and are filled on a first come, first serve basis. If a class is not full drop in's will be allowed for the remaining spaces. Once those drop in's have been sold the class is closed for the evening. Some classes may be full and no drop in's will be allowed. Closed classes will be listed on the website.
∗ DTS reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment, please check the website for the most up-to-date schedule.

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