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Youth Program


Preschool Movement is designed to refine motor skills and teach basic ballet techniques. We strive to create a love of dance, appreciation of music, confidence, and the ability to learn sequences, patterns and choreography. We incorporate the Michigan Core Standards for elementary motor development.

Ballet/Pointe Technique is a highly disciplined training in which a fairly standard progression of exercises builds the strength and flexibility required for classical positions and steps. Posture, alignment, and center of balance are reinforced concepts taught throughout all ballet levels. Each ballet classes focuses on the importance of extension, strength, and flexibility. These concepts are vital to all other dance forms.

Cecchetti Ballet classes follow a syllabus established by the Cecchetti Council of America. Students may take these classes with the intent to be examined or for personal technical growth. Students must have several years of ballet experience before studying the Grade One ballet syllabus.

Jazz dance utilizes the various rhythms of popular music combined with isolations of the body. Jazz dance steps are commonly syncopated to the rhythms of popular music creating a close connection between the dancer and the music. Classes consist of center and floor work, across the floor techniques and varied stylistic combinations

Tap dance is the use of both feet as a musical instrument. The object of this form of dance is to master the use of the body and feet in playing melodic patterns and drumming out rhythms. Students will need flat loafer style shoes. Rhythm and Broadway styles of tap are taught throughout tap classes.

Hip Hop refers to dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music. It utilizes the various rhythms of hip-hop music combined with a wide variety of styles. Breaking, popping, and locking are among the most popular. Classes consist of warm-up, floor work and varied stylistic combinations.

Contemporary/Modern dance class will help students discover the basic elements of this 20th century technique. Students will explore ways in which the body responds to and expresses emotions. They will develop their imagination, body coordination, and musicality, all leading to higher levels of technique and increased body awareness.

Pilates/Yoga is designed to improve core strength and flexibility through resistance training and broad stretching primarily utilizing the mat. The class enhances energy levels and mobility and decreases stress and tension. Participants need to have a towel for class.

Musical Theater Production gives dancers the opportunity to experience the world of musical theater in a performance-based class where students learn the basics of dancing, acting and the visual arts.

Small Group Rehearsal is rehearsal time designed for a small group of dancers to work closely with choreographers to prepare pieces for competition and our winter concert. Dancers will audition for placement in pieces during A2DT’s Tech Week 2013. Registration for these rehearsal times will take place after the auditions take place.


Preschool Movement-Level 3 introduces students to basic dance movement, technique and vocabulary.

Beginner: The student is 11-18 years old and has little or no dance training. These classes introduce dance vocabulary and technique and build a basic foundation quickly.

Level 4-5: The early and late elementary students have achieved a working knowledge of dance technique fundamentals introduced in previous levels and have achieved some strength and flexibility.

Level 6-7: The middle school and high school age students are ready to work on many facets of dance, having achieved a considerable amount of technique, strength and flexibility in the previous levels. Performing complex choreography is expected.

Junior, Seniors & Majors: The student has achieved a strong background in dance, and is technically competent. Performing complex choreography is expected at this level. Students in these classes are members of A2DT. Students must audition in order to participate. Students are given multiple performance opportunities throughout the season.

Student placement and level changes are at the discretion of the instructor of the class and director of the studio.


To ensure placement in desired class, please feel free to mail or drop off registration and payment. Registration will be processed once the first tuition payment of the year is received. Please fill out a registration form for each child. 

Payment Schedule:
Monthly Payments are due: September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1.

  • Dance shoe information is available on our website and will be mailed home upon registration. Dancewear and shoes are available for purchase at Dance Theatre Studio.
  • Costume fees for each recital class are due on March 23.
  • Parent watch days/times will be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor. We welcome families to be a part of student learning, but we strive to provide an optimal environment for student growth and comfort.
  • If Ann Arbor Schools are closed due to inclement weather, an email will be sent to notify you if we will be closing as well.
  • Additional classes may be created as space and staff permit when 5 or more students are interested in registering.
  • There is a limit of 3 make-up classes per semester. We ask that students make-up classes in their current level.
  • Fall and Winter office hours are Monday through Friday 3-9pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. 

  • Our Youth Arts Program Recital is May 9 & 10, 2014 at Power Center for the Performing Arts.

Fees for 34 Week Season - Per Child:

Each 45 minute class $ 390
3 classes: 5% discount off total
4 classes: 10% discount off total
5 classes: 15% discount off total
6 classes: 20% discount off total
7 classes: 25% discount off total
8 or more classes: 30% discount off total
  • Discount applies to the total number of classes a family registers for each season.
  • Private lessons are available upon request.
  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $10 for new students.
  • Special payment schedules may be arranged for students registered for more than one class.
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted.

Small Group Rehearsal - Per Child:

45 minute class $510 Annually / $57 monthly

Dance Theatre Studio Ann Arbor Michigan

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